Nursing Home Courses

The Evacuation Aid Training Course (Evacuation Practice Drill) will provide learners with knowledge in the safe use of evacuation aids such as Evacuation Sheets, Ski Sled and Ski Pads

The Evacuation Chair Instructors Course is for those who wish to gain a qualification to teach learners the safe use of evacuation chair for stairs and will enable you to conduct your own evacuation chair training courses as an independent instructor

The Evacuation Chair Training Course provides learners with knowledge in the safe use of an evacuation chair and forms an essential element of your evacuation policy and strategy

Train-the-Trainer for Emergency Evacuations

Healthcare Fire Compartment Drills are an integral part of all fire safety programs and are a legal requirement for any nursing home. A full compartment fire drill allows you to assess your emergency response plan.

The Heartsaver AED Course provides the learners with knowledge in the basic techniques of adult, child and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an AED. Phoenix STS is an Irish Heart Foundation affiliated training site

This Manual Handling Course will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to assess and lift loads within their own capabilities to minimise the risk of a back injury

The Nursing Home Fire Drill Procedures program will provide learners with knowledge in the safe use of evacuation aids such as Evacuation Ski Sheets and Ski Pads; the program also includes monitored fire drills

Become a competent Nursing Home Fire Safety Manager with our comprehensive course. Learn, understand, and get certified with Phoenix STS.

The Nursing Home Fire Safety Procedures is a highly interactive fire safety awareness training course designed for all staff working within a residential care setting; independently of the course, staff are certified for completing fire drills