Nursing Home Fire Safety Training Course

Elevate your team's fire safety expertise with our CPD-accredited Nursing Home Fire Safety Training Course. Designed for nursing home staff and managers, this onsite training, led by fire safety experts, covers crucial aspects of fire prevention, evacuation procedures, and legal compliance.

Participants engaged in a Nursing Home Fire Safety Training session.

Nursing Home Fire Safety Training Course

Nursing Home Fire Safety Training to Ensure Compliance and Enhance Safety

Welcome to Phoenix STS, the exclusive provider of officially recognised CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points in fire safety training tailored for Ireland’s nursing home sector. As a distinguished leader in fire safety, our Fire Safety and Risk Management Training program is meticulously designed for Irish residential care facilities and elder care homes. Our nursing home fire safety training course is designed to meet HIQA regulations and ensure the safety of your staff and residents. This program emphasises emergency evacuation procedures, fire hazard assessment, and strict adherence to Ireland’s Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) fire safety standards, ensuring a high level of preparedness and safety. Remarkably, our Nursing Home Fire Safety Training course is predominantly practical, comprising 80% hands-on activities that are critical for safeguarding the residents and staff in care settings. The course covers evacuation equipment, such as Ski Evacuation Sheets and Ski Pads. It provides comprehensive training on portable fire extinguishers, setting a benchmark in training excellence by being the only course to offer CPD points in this specialised area.

Product Information DVD Only

A product information DVD is available;  it is not intended to substitute for training, as no DVD can correct handling errors or bad habits.

What Sets Us Apart?

Phoenix STS is the exclusive provider of nursing home fire safety training courses that may award CPD points officially recognised by The CPD Standards Office. This accreditation underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality education and professional development opportunities. Our program is meticulously crafted with an Ireland-specific focus, ensuring the training is relevant and tailored to meet Irish nursing home’s unique fire safety needs. By aligning our curriculum with Ireland’s HIQA – Fire Precautions (Regulation 28), we guarantee that our course remains current with the latest fire safety regulations, aiding facilities in maintaining compliance. Furthermore, we strongly emphasise practical, hands-on training, equipping nursing home staff with the skills to effectively respond to real-world fire safety scenarios. This comprehensive approach sets Phoenix STS apart, making it the go-to choice for nursing homes seeking accredited, regulation-compliant fire safety training in Ireland.

Course Relevance to HIQA Regulations and Staff Assessment

Independently complementing our fire safety awareness course, staff undergo rigorous, timed compartment fire drills. These drills are crucial for demonstrating compliance with Regulation 28 Fire Safety HIQA. Our course aligns with the “Fire Safety Handbook: A Guide For Providers and Staff of Designated Centres”, published by HIQA on 18 Sep 2023.

Importance of High-Quality Fire Staff Training

Staff knowledge and training in reducing fire risks and implementing fire procedures are essential for the safety of everyone in the nursing home, from residents to visitors. This involves not only understanding potential hazards but also effectively managing emergencies. Daily awareness of fire safety measures, including regular checks of fire alarms and safety equipment, is as crucial as structured emergency training. Our comprehensive course ensures staff are adept in fire prevention, detection, and swift evacuation processes. By fostering a culture of safety and preparedness, we aim to significantly reduce the risk of fatal incidents and enhance overall safety in the nursing home. Additionally, our training incorporates the latest fire safety technologies and methodologies, ensuring your team is equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Course Details and Additional Training Opportunities

Rescue training dummies are utilised for optimal safety during evacuation equipment training. We offer the Nursing Home Fire Safety Manager Training Course for staff needing further instruction after the course. This course prepares you to be a central figure in fire safety within the Nursing Home, with access to expert advice from a Fire Safety Engineer.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Systems

Our Nursing Home Emergency Management Systems cover all facets of fire safety, health & safety, and emergency management in nursing homes. We believe in a tailored approach to ensure your staff can handle emergencies effectively.

Authorised Training Provider

Authorised Training on Ski Evacuation Products for Hospital Aids and on the Elite Emergency Evacuation Chair for Exitmaster

Course Aims and Objectives

  • Provide comprehensive fire safety training to healthcare staff.
  • Ensure the safety of staff, residents, and visitors.
  • Equip staff with skills for safe evacuation in fire emergencies.
  • Maintain consistent fire safety procedures in the nursing home.
  • Comply with Regulation 28 Fire Safety HIQA.

Target Audience

This course is intended for all staff working within a nursing home.

Staff Pre-Course Requirements

  • Fluency in English.
  • Suitable clothing for practical training.
  • Disclosure of relevant medical conditions that would make it unsafe to partake in the practical modules of the training course.
  • Training in manual handling and people moving for specific modules.
    • Where you are not trained in people moving, the senior clinical person will advise you on assisting during a live incident.

Training Area Requirements

  • The centre must provide suitable training areas in line with government guidelines on the management of COVID-19.
  • The centre will be required to supply equipment on-site for this training (profiling beds, including bed linen).
  • Where the building has multiple stories, the bedroom for the evacuation training should be as close as possible to a lift and the stairwell to facilitate the movement of the training dummy.

Course Programme

  • Fire safety classroom presentation
  • Walk and talk fire safety orientation
  • Practical use of portable fire extinguishers
  • Practical evacuation equipment training

Our Tutors

Our tutors are experienced in providing fire safety training in a healthcare setting. They will outline the staff’s duties and roles in preventing fire and what actions are necessary to respond to a fire within a nursing home. All our tutors are in professional bodies such as NAHFO, IFE, IOSH, IIESMS, IIRSM, IHEEM, and L&DI. Our tutors are qualified as People Moving and Handling and Evacuation Equipment Instructors and are Infection Control and Safeguarding Adults Qualified.

Training Methods

  • PowerPoint presentation (the theory element of the course can be provided by remote learning or face-to-face training) followed by question-and-answer sessions.
  • Demonstration and practice with portable fire extinguishers and evacuation equipment.

Assessment and Certification

The qualification achieved upon completing this fire safety course relies heavily on site-specific information, making it tailored exclusively to the particular nursing home environment in which the training was conducted. As such, any qualifications obtained are not transferable to another nursing home due to the unique layout, evacuation procedures, and specific fire safety measures that differ from one facility to another.

  • Assessment of the safe use of evacuation equipment and portable fire extinguishers.
  • Completion of a fire drill.
  • Phoenix STS Training Official CPD Certificate valid for one year.

Maximum Number of Learners

Limited to 12 learners per course for practical skills training.


Approximately 3 hours with a mix of clinical and non-clinical staff.

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