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Phoenix STS delivers top-tier health and safety consultancy services tailored for businesses of all sizes, focusing on efficiently delivering comprehensive reports and training by dedicated safety professionals. The consultancy specialises in providing tailored services that adhere to strict legislative requirements. This ensures that businesses receive the highest standard of safety consultation, enhancing their compliance and operational safety.

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At Phoenix STS, we excel in delivering comprehensive health and safety consultancy services tailored to the unique dynamics of commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and administrative buildings. Our team specialises in developing and refining safety policies that meet the specific needs of diverse commercial operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing workplace safety. We conduct detailed risk assessments aligned with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the General Application Regulations 2007 to elevate safety standards across businesses of all sizes. Our health & safety risk assessments provide valuable insights, assessing and significantly improving your management systems with detailed reports and prioritised actions. Choosing Phoenix STS means ensuring strict adherence to crucial safety regulations, optimising your eligibility for favourable insurance terms, and gaining access to extensive health and safety training, both on-site and online, certified for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Navigating Health & Safety Risk Assessments with Precision

Our process involves a deep dive into your business operations to uncover potential risks that may not be immediately apparent. We employ a systematic approach beyond standard compliance checks, using advanced tools and techniques to analyse work processes, environmental factors, and employee behaviours. This allows us to provide recommendations compliant with legal requirements and tailored to enhance the safety culture within your organisation. We aim to deliver a strategic blueprint that systematically reduces risks and ensures a safer working environment for everyone involved.

Streamlining Compliance Through Health & Safety Audits

Our Health & Safety Consultancy service (Safety Audits) is designed to streamline compliance and enhance the operational safety of your commercial environment. Through a systematic review of your current safety management system, we focus on detailed evaluations of all relevant documentation and conduct extensive interviews with key personnel. The process includes a comprehensive site inspection to identify immediate or potential safety issues. The audit concludes with a detailed report and risk register, providing prioritised recommendations that are practical and directly applicable, ensuring that your business not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements for safety and risk management.

Why Choose Phoenix STS for Your Health & Safety Needs?

Choosing Phoenix STS for your health and safety needs ensures you receive unparalleled expertise and commitment in the field. Our team is highly qualified, leveraging extensive experience to deliver tailored, practical solutions that ensure compliance with stringent safety regulations. We offer comprehensive services, from detailed risk assessments to certified training programs designed to enhance safety and facilitate compliance. Additionally, our proactive approach helps you optimise your operations for better insurance terms and overall risk management.

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