Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Phoenix STS provides comprehensive fire safety consultancy services across Ireland designed to protect businesses of all sizes from fire hazards. Through detailed fire risk assessments, including generic and nursing home-specific methodologies, Phoenix STS identifies potential hazards, offers tailored solutions to bridge safety gaps, and ensures robust compliance with fire safety regulations.

Phoenix STS fire safety consultant reviewing plans and conducting a safety audit in a commercial building to ensure regulatory compliance.

Fire Safety Standards with Phoenix STS’s Expert Consultancy Services

In an era where the unforeseen lurks around every corner, understanding the potential risks and ensuring the safety of all occupants in any establishment is paramount. What if the unthinkable happens? Can everyone evacuate safely? Will your business withstand the aftermath of a fire? Unfortunately, many companies falter and never recover post-disaster. At Phoenix STS, we provide an umbrella of fire safety consultancy services tailored to fortify companies and organisations of every scale across Ireland against the ravages of fire.

Fire Risk Assessments

Our fire risk assessment (Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79-2000) and (Nursing Home Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79-2000) methodology at Phoenix STS is designed to uncover potential hazards that could lead to devastating consequences if left unchecked. It forms the cornerstone of our consultancy services, offering a detailed understanding and action plan to mitigate fire risks effectively.

Management Systems

Following a detailed (Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79-2000) and (Nursing Home Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79-2000), our specialists develop a gap analysis report that is both comprehensive and easy to understand. This report pinpoints weaknesses in your current fire management system and often includes cost-effective solutions to enhance your fire safety strategy.

Fire Procedures and Evacuation Plans

Our expertise extends to developing fire procedures (Evacuation Planning) and (Nursing Home Evacuation Planning) in collaboration with your key personnel, ensuring your organisation complies with and exceeds current fire safety standards. A robust fire evacuation plan is essential for any fire management system, providing a safe and orderly evacuation. Our fire experts assist at every step, crafting a bespoke evacuation plan tailored to your business’s needs.

Nursing Home Fire Safety Services

Phoenix STS provides a comprehensive suite of fire safety services tailored explicitly for nursing homes. Our offerings include:

  • Nursing Home Fire Safety Manager: This course is designed to equip individuals with no prior fire safety knowledge with the skills to handle all fire safety matters within a nursing home. The course is led by expert Fire Safety Engineers and meticulously crafted to address residential care facilities’ unique challenges.
  • Regulation Compliance: Phoenix STS’s course aligns with Ireland’s HIQA standards and is up-to-date with the latest fire safety regulations, ensuring your facility remains compliant.
  • Practical Training: The course emphasises practical skills, ensuring staff in nursing homes are well-prepared for real-world scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Systems: Phoenix STS’s Nursing Home Emergency Management Systems cover all facets of fire safety, health & safety, and emergency management in nursing homes.
  • Authorised Training Provider: Phoenix STS provides authorised training on Ski Evacuation Products for Hospital Aids and on the Elite Emergency Evacuation Chair for Exitmaster.

By using Phoenix STS’s services, nursing homes can ensure a safe environment for their residents and staff and remain compliant with fire safety regulations.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Assessments

Our skilled audit team dives deep into your facility’s fire safety management system to ensure strict compliance with the latest regulations. Should there be room for enhancement, our feedback is precise, straightforward and timely, ensuring your preparedness at all levels.

We understand the critical importance of being proactive rather than reactive, especially in adherence to fire safety regulations. Our fire safety audits provide the foresight needed, aligning with the expectations set forth by the Fire Services Act of 1981 and 2003. They ensure every nook and cranny is inspected, from the building’s occupancy capacity to its construction materials and even the water supply for firefighting on the premises.

Disability Access Certificate Applications and Fire Engineering Services

With regulations necessitating a Disability Access Certificate for specific building works and the intricate requirements for Fire Safety Certificate Applications, Phoenix STS stands ready to assist. Our services streamline the application process, ensuring compliance with the Building Control Amendment Regulations and facilitating a safer, more inclusive environment.

The Role of Fire Safety in Insurance Compliance

A thorough Fire Safety Risk Assessment isn’t just a regulatory formality; it’s a critical component in meeting the conditions of your insurance policy. Ensuring your business is adequately assessed and protected against fire risks can significantly impact your insurance premiums and coverage in the event of a fire. By demonstrating a proactive approach to fire safety, you safeguard your business’s future and align with insurance expectations, securing your position and providing peace of mind. At Phoenix STS, we aim to elevate your fire safety standards, ensuring compliance and a resilient framework capable of withstanding and preventing fire hazards. Contact us today to learn how our expert consultancy can transform your approach to fire safety, securing your business’s future and the protection of all occupants.

Staff Training

We also offer a full range of on-site health and safety courses and online health and safety courses with CPD certification.

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