Evacuation Equipment Instructors Course

Train-the-Trainer for Emergency Evacuations

Evacuation Equipment Instructors Course

The Evacuation Equipment Instructor Course prepares individuals to deliver staff training on using evacuation equipment safely and effectively. Phoenix STS is the sole authorised provider of train-the-trainer courses on Ireland’s complete “Ski” evacuation product range, including Ski evacuation sheets, pads, and mats.

Management must consistently monitor evacuation drills, training content, and staff attendance to ensure proactive emergency preparedness. A clear process must be in place for communicating procedure changes and providing additional training as needed. All staff should be familiar with emergency procedures and their specific roles.

Ski Sheets, Ski Mats, and Ski Pads help evacuate people with mobility impairments during emergencies. Proper training is essential for those responsible for operating evacuation equipment to ensure competence and safety.

The course comprises three modules: evacuation sheets, evacuation equipment up to 160 kg, and evacuation equipment over 160 kg. Learners can complete all three modules or only those relevant to their environment.

The Evacuation Aid Instructor Course follows the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines, with a maximum of two learners per course. A current instructor certificate is required to provide training on “Ski” evacuation equipment.

Our Instructors undergo refresher training every three years to maintain certification and stay current with the manufacturer’s requirements and training guidelines. Ensure compliance with emergency escape regulations for all, including the mobility impaired, by receiving training from our officially recognised instructors.

After completing the selected module, learners will be able to instruct staff on the safe use of evacuation equipment according to their organisation’s moving and handling procedures, minimising manual handling injury risks.

The Evacuation Aid Instructor Course requires a suitable location within a healthcare environment (e.g. nursing home or hospital). For training, the following are needed:

  • Training room
  • Bed with a complete bedding set
  • Access to a stairwell (if on-site)
  • 4 to 6 participants per practice session for modules one and two
  • 6 to 8 participants per practice session for module three

Upon completion, staff assisting learners will be certified as trained in using evacuation equipment by Phoenix STS.

Course Aims

  • To enable you to instruct healthcare staff in the safe use of evacuation equipment
  • The safety of staff and the occupant on the evacuation equipment
  • To provide training to learners in the safe use of evacuation equipment
  • To ensure learners can utilise evacuation equipment efficiently
  • For staff to have the ability to evacuate residents safely in the event of an emergency
  • To complete in-house fire drills

Course Objectives

  • For you to have a good understanding of evacuation aid requirements within a healthcare environment
  • To train you as an instructor in the safe use of evacuation equipment
  • To enable you to assess the suitability of evacuation equipment within a healthcare environment

Who Should Attend This Course?

Any person required to train healthcare staff in the safe use of evacuation equipment

Pre-Course Requirements

  • English is the language in which training is delivered, and learners must have fluency in English
  • Learners should wear appropriate clothing for an interactive and practical course
  • Please inform the Instructor of any medical condition that you may have if you feel it relevant to the training and, in particular, the practical work
  • Staff must be trained in People Moving & Handling to practice operating evacuation equipment
  • The centre is required to provide suitable training areas in line with government guidelines on the management of covid-19
  • The centre will be required to supply equipment on-site for this training, profiling beds, including bed linen
  • Please let us know if learners have any specific learner requirements

Course Programme

  • Requirements under current legislation
  • Theory of evacuation and planning for evacuation within healthcare
  • Introduction, description and limitations of evacuation equipment
  • Method of use: – Safety requirements before, during and after use
  • Practical exercises involving the use of evacuation equipment
  • Deliver a ‘mock’ training session to peers
  • Assessing evacuation equipment use

Our Tutors

Our tutors are experienced in providing fire safety information in a healthcare setting. All our tutors hold a minimum;

  • Minimal QQI Level 7 and/or equivalent membership of a professional body
  • Train-the-Trainer QQI Level 6 or higher
  • People Moving Instructor Qualified
  • Evacuation Equipment Instructor Qualified
  • Infection Control Qualified
  • Safeguarding Adults Qualified

Training Methods

  • Classroom-based PowerPoint presentation
  • Demonstration and Practice
  • Deliver a ‘mock’ training session to peers


Learners will be required to deliver a ‘mock’ training session


  • Upon successfully completing the Evacuation Equipment Instructors Course, learners will receive a Phoenix STS Training certificate
  • The certificate will be valid for three (3) years

Maximum Number of Learners

As the Evacuation Equipment Instructors Course is predominantly skill-based, it is limited to 2 learners, this allows adequate time for practice and demonstration


Module 1

  • Ski Evacuation Sheets
  • 6 Hours

Module 2

  • Evacuation Equipment Pads or Mats Under 160kg
  • 6 Hours

Module 3

  • Evacuation Equipment Pads or Mats Over 160kg)
  • 6 Hours

Maximum Number of Learners

As the Evacuation Aid Instructors Course is predominantly skill-based, it is limited to 2 learners per course. A maximum of 2 learners allows adequate practice periods for learners to demonstrate their knowledge and skill in delivering training programmes.

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