Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors are a crucial part of any building’s protection strategy. Legislation dictates that the person responsible for managing fire safety is responsible to ensure that Fire Doors are being checked every 6 months and you have evidence of this.

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    Fire Door Inspections

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    A Fire Door is a life safety device in any building, a fire door inspection must assess the door, report on findings and where necessary, correct any issues.

    Fire Door Inspection;

    • Labels are clearly visible and legible
    • No open holes or breaks exist in surfaces of either the door or frame
    • Glazing, vision light frames, and glazing beads are intact and securely fastened in place if so equipped
    • The door, frame, hinges, hardware and non-combustible threshold are secured, aligned, and in working order with no visible signs of damage
    • No parts are missing or broken.
    • Door clearances do not exceed 3 to 4 mm
    • The self-closing device is operational; that is, the active door completely closes when operated from the fully open position.
    • If a coordinator is installed, the inactive leaf closes before the active leaf
    • Latching hardware operates and secures the door when it is in the closed position
    • Auxiliary hardware items, which interfere or prohibit operation, are not installed on the door and frame
    • No modifications to the door assembly have been performed that void the label
    • Meeting edge protection, gaskets and edge seals, where required, are inspected to verify their presence and integrity
    • Signage affixed to a door meets requirements