Public Healthcare

The Evacuation Aid Training Course (Evacuation Practice Drill) will provide learners with knowledge in the safe use of evacuation aids such as Evacuation Sheets, Ski Sled and Ski Pads

The Evacuation Chair Instructors Course is for those who wish to gain a qualification to teach learners the safe use of evacuation chair for stairs and will enable you to conduct your own evacuation chair training courses as an independent instructor

The Evacuation Chair Training Course provides learners with knowledge in the safe use of an evacuation chair and forms an essential element of your evacuation policy and strategy

Train-the-Trainer for Emergency Evacuations

The Fire Warden Training Course will provide you with the necessary information and training required to be a qualified Fire Warden or Fire Marshal

Healthcare Fire Compartment Drills are an integral part of all fire safety programs and are a legal requirement for any nursing home. A full compartment fire drill allows you to assess your emergency response plan.

This training course will provide all the essential safety information that people who undertake Hot Work require, including preparing and issuing a Hot Work Permit.

The People Moving & Handling Training Course will provide learners with the knowledge, understanding, awareness and skill to safely conduct people moving tasks

This Safety Representatives Training Course will provide those selected and appointed as Safety Representatives across various types of employment with the knowledge to carry out their role as Safety Representatives