Fire Warden / Marshal Training Course

The Fire Warden / Marshal Training Course provided by Phoenix STS incorporates theoretical and practical elements, preparing learners to manage fire safety in their workplace effectively. It is compliant with the Fire Services Act 1981 and the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. We emphasise the critical roles and responsibilities of fire wardens/marshals, including conducting safety checks, managing evacuations, and coordinating with emergency services.

Fire Warden in yellow high-visibility vest overseeing safety procedures.

Fire Warden / Marshal Training Course

Fire Safety Training in Ireland 

Choosing a competent provider for the Fire Warden / Marshal Training Course, which encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects, is crucial in preparing fire wardens to be effective in their roles. Regular refresher courses are highly recommended to ensure your skills and knowledge align with Ireland’s latest fire safety regulations, underscoring the importance of this training in the context of your responsibilities.

Course Overview 

Our instructor will detail all the essential duties and roles of a Fire Warden / Marshal, including:

  • Understanding the significance of a designated assembly point.
  • Managing the evacuation of people with limited mobility.
  • Reporting structures; to whom must a Fire Warden / Marshal report?
  • Understanding management responsibilities and how to conduct effective fire drills.

This comprehensive Fire Warden / Marshal Fire Safety Training Course will equip you with the knowledge to recognise fire hazards in the workplace and implement fire safety arrangements to manage and mitigate risks effectively. A designated Fire Warden / Marshal is integral to your workplace’s emergency response strategy.

Employers in Ireland are required by law to develop an Emergency Plan that details how the workplace will be evacuated in the event of a fire. The Fire Warden / Marshal Training Course is designed to teach Fire Wardens about their critical roles in successfully and safely conducting fire drills and outline the processes required to create or update an emergency plan.

*To be assessed by the Fire Safety Manager or Fire Safety Consultant concerning the level and type of fire risk. **Percentages by fire compartments and per shift, with at least 2 persons. (10% means 10% of the staff per fire compartment and shift). ***Level of fire risk: determined per national regulations, standards and practice. Ref: GUIDELINE No 11:2015 F

Compliance and Certifications 

The course meets the requirements of the Fire Services Act 1981 and Regulation 9 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. It also discusses changes following the 2003 amendment to the Fire Services Act 1981, emphasising the shift of responsibility to businesses to maintain a comprehensive evacuation service.

Fire Wardens / Marshals Duties Roles and Responsibilities 

Fire Wardens / Marshals play a critical role in maintaining safety at the workplace. Their responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring and reporting fire hazards.
  • Conducting regular safety checks to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • Assisting in emergency evacuations and coordinated responses during incidents.
  • Acting as a communication link between staff and emergency services.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for:

  • Individuals appointed as Fire Wardens / Marshals within their workplace.
  • Employees at all levels were interested in understanding fire safety protocols.
  • Health and safety officers were looking to enhance their emergency response training capabilities.

Course Aims

This course aims to:

  • Equip learners with the necessary skills to effectively perform their Fire Wardens / Marshals duties.
  • Enhance the safety of the workplace through proficient fire risk management.
  • Ensure compliance with Irish fire safety legislation and standards.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities in fire safety management.
  • Be proficient in using portable fire extinguishers.
  • Be prepared to manage and coordinate emergency evacuations effectively.

Pre-Course Requirements

Learners should:

  • Have a good command of English to ensure complete comprehension of course materials.
  • Be physically able to participate in practical training.

Course Programme

The course covers:

  • Fire safety legislation and compliance.
  • Fire theory, including the chemistry of fire and fire classifications.
  • Practical training on portable fire extinguishers.
  • Emergency procedures and evacuation protocols.

Our Tutors

All our tutors are in professional bodies such as NAHFOIFEIOSHIIESMSIIRSMIHEEM, and L&DI. They bring real-world experience and specialist knowledge to the training environment.

Training Methods

  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations (all learners receive a printed handout in full colour).
  • Workshops and practical training on portable fire extinguishers.


Learners must complete:

  • Practical workshops demonstrating competence in fire safety techniques.
  • Open book multiple choice assessment, with a required pass rate of 70%. Please provide information on any support you require to complete the course or the open-book multiple-choice assessment.


Upon successful completion, learners will receive:

  • A Phoenix STS Fire Warden / Marshal Certificate.
  • Recommendations for periodic refresher training to maintain and update skills.

Maximum Number of Learners

The course is limited to 16 learners per session to ensure quality and personalised training.

Course Duration

The course lasts 7 hours, typically within a single working day.

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