Fire Safety Policies

Phoenix STS offers comprehensive fire safety services for commercial settings, ensuring compliance with national fire safety regulations. Our services include creating and implementing customised fire safety management policies and strategies, conducting staff training on fire safety protocols, and providing policies for electrical equipment use and hot work control. Phoenix STS also provides detailed emergency response plans tailored to each facility's needs.

News article highlighting legal consequences for inadequate fire safety policies, showing a person facing criminal charges due to lack of proper fire safety measures in a commercial setting.

Our comprehensive fire safety policies ensure that commercial premises like hotels, restaurants, bars, and administration buildings meet and exceed stringent fire safety and health regulations by developing and implementing tailored fire safety policies.

Fire Safety Management Policy and Strategy

At Phoenix STS, our Fire Safety Management Policy and Strategy are at the core of your commitment to safeguarding lives and property in commercial environments. This policy, grounded in rigorous assessment and continuous improvement, ensures compliance with national safety standards and legislation such as the Fire Services Act 1981Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, and the  General Application Regulations 2007. We take a proactive approach to fire safety, emphasising risk assessment and the integration of preventative measures to manage and mitigate potential fire hazards effectively.

Our strategy includes comprehensive staff training on the latest fire safety protocols, emergency procedures, and evacuation drills. These sessions equip staff with the skills and knowledge to act swiftly and effectively in a fire emergency. Maintaining clear communication and ensuring that all team members understand their roles and responsibilities during an emergency, we help foster a safe and prepared environment across all facilities.

Safe Use of Personal Electrical Equipment Policy

This policy mandates regular inspections and maintenance checks to prevent electrical hazards such as short circuits or overheating, which could lead to fires. Staff are educated on the risks associated with improper electrical equipment use and provided clear guidelines for its safe usage.

Hot Work Control Policy

Our Hot Work Control Policy specifically addresses activities like welding, cutting, or any work generating heat and sparks which pose potential fire hazards. This policy requires that all hot work operations are carried out under strictly controlled conditions, using a permit-to-work system to ensure that all risks are assessed and necessary safety measures are in place before work begins.

Fire Detection & Alarm System Isolation Policy

The Phoenix STS Fire Detection & Alarm System Isolation Policy outlines the procedures for temporarily isolating fire detection and alarm systems, primarily during maintenance or if faults could lead to false alarms. This policy ensures that any isolation is brief and that comprehensive risk assessments are performed beforehand to continuously protect the premises and its occupants.

External Contractors Fire Safety Policy

Our External Contractors Fire Safety Policy ensures that all external contractors working in commercial settings adhere to stringent fire safety standards. Before beginning work, contractors undergo an orientation session covering fire safety protocols and emergency procedures. This preparation prevents safety lapses due to unfamiliarity with your methods or environment.

In-House Maintenance Fire Safety Policy

Our In-House Maintenance Fire Safety Policy ensures that all personnel are proficient in fire safety best practices, particularly in identifying and managing fire risks associated with maintenance activities. This policy includes ongoing updates and training on the latest fire safety regulations and technology, equipping your team to uphold the highest safety standards.

Emergency Response Plan

At Phoenix STS, our Emergency Response Plan is a detailed action plan outlining the procedures for addressing a fire or other emergencies in commercial environments. This plan is tailored to each facility’s layout and risk factors, ensuring that all staff are prepared and aware of their roles during an emergency. It includes specific evacuation routes, assembly points, and processes for accounting for all individuals on the premises.

Staff Training

With our comprehensive range of on-site and online health and safety courses, complete with CPD certification, we’re here to transform your approach to safety and well-being in your nursing home.

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