Preschool Fire Safety Training

The Preschool Fire Safety Training Course will provide learners with the knowledge to prevent a fire and what actions to take should a fire arise in a preschool

Preschool Fire Safety Training

The Preschool Fire Safety Training Course is designed for those who work in a crèche, preschool, or childcare institution and will cover the most up-to-date Fire Safety requirements. We can come to your crèche, preschool, or childcare facility in the evening or at a convenient time for you to offer this customised Preschool Fire Safety Training Course.

All providers of children’s services must take all reasonable precautions to prevent fires and, in the case of a fire, protect the safety of the employees and children on the premises as much as is reasonably possible.

The Preschool Fire Safety Training Course is conducted under;

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Management needs to ensure that;

  • All of the legislative and regulatory requirements relating to fire safety are adequately and appropriately met
  • All staff team members are provided with clear and precise information on their responsibilities concerning fire prevention
  • Any fire can be detected quickly, staff have the time to prepare the children for any emergency evacuation, and safely evacuate everyone from the building should an alarm sound or a fire occur
  • All staff members are clear on their responsibilities concerning monitoring, reviewing and record-keeping, including what must be recorded and how
  • A Fire Safety Manager is nominated, appropriately trained and is evident in the role and responsibilities

Staff should receive instruction and training on fire prevention and fire safety procedures. This training will enable them to respond effectively in ensuring the safety of children and others on the premises in a fire occurring. The instruction and training should include the following;

  • Undertaking the fire prevention measures
  • Undertaking the emergency procedures and evacuation drills
  • Safely using fire-fighting equipment
  • Being aware of the fire detection and alarm facilities
  • Being familiar with the fire protection equipment
  • Ensuring the availability of escape routes

The fire safety programme for premises used for preschool services should be outlined in a brief written statement and incorporate arrangements for the following;

  • Preventing outbreaks of fire
  • Instruction and training of staff on fire prevention and fire safety procedures
  • Emergency procedures and evacuation drills
  • Maintenance of fire protection equipment
  • Maintenance of building services
  • Providing appropriate furnishings and fittings, including bedding
  • Availability of escape routes
  • Keeping of fire safety records

Fire prevention measures help to reduce or eliminate the risk of fires occurring. These measures should include the following;

  • Preventing the accumulation of waste materials
  • Ensuring that electrical and gas appliances are in safe working condition
  • Ensuring that upholstered seating is in good condition
  • Ensuring that open-fires or portable heating appliances are not used and that all heat emitting
  • Surfaces are suitably protected by a fixed safety guard or are thermostatically controlled to
  • Ensure safe surface temperatures
  • Ensuring that waste receptacles such as dustbins should be made from non-combustible
  • Materials
  • Ensuring that cooking equipment is safely used (deep-fat frying is not advisable)
  • Ensuring that flammable liquids or gases are not stored inside the building

We can deliver both the Preschool Fire Safety Training Course and Manual Handling Training on the same day for a more cost-effective option.

We also offer Public Manual Handling Courses in our training centre in Longford and online. Please note that the online course is an awareness course only,  you will also need further practical training, please get in touch with us to arrange this.

Course Aims

  • The safety of staff, children and visitors
  • The prevention and effective reaction to a fire
  • The safe use of portable fire extinguishers

Course Objectives

  • To ensure learners can describe the chemistry of fire
  • Identify fire hazards in the workplace
  • Follow their evacuation procedures
  • Select and use appropriate firefighting equipment

Who Should Attend This Course?

All Preschool employees and management

Pre-Course Requirements

  • English is the language in which training is delivered, and learners must have fluency in English
  • Please let us know if learners have any specific learner requirements

Course Programme

  • Fire prevention measures
  • Emergency procedures and evacuation drills
  • Using fire-fighting equipment in a safe manner
  • The fire detection and alarm system
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Availability of escape routes
  • Fire drills

Our Tutors

Our tutors are well experienced in providing fire safety information within a workplace setting, all our tutors hold a minimum;

  • Minimal QQI Level 7 in their subject matter or higher
  • Train-the-Trainer QQI Level 6 or higher
  • People Moving Instructor Qualified
  • Evacuation Aid Instructor Qualified

Training Methods

  • PowerPoint presentations (the theory element of the course can be provided by remote learning or face-to-face) followed by question and answer sessions
  • Fire safety familiarisation walkabout of the work area
  • Demonstration and practice with portable fire extinguishers
  • The section of the course the deals with the demonstration and practice of portable fire extinguishers requires a suitable training area in line with government guidelines on the management of covid-19


Learners are assessed on the correct selection and use of portable fire extinguishers, as well as through question and answer sessions


Upon successfully completing the course, learners will receive a Phoenix STS Training certificate
The certificate will be valid for two (2) years
Please note as fire training is non-transferable, this certificate is relevant to the Preschool in which the training was provided only

Maximum Number of Learners

As the Preschool Fire Safety Training Course is predominantly skill-based, it is limited to 12 learners; this allows adequate time for practice and demonstration with the skills modules of the course


With a maximum of 12 learners, the course duration is approximately 2 hours

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