Buscot BabEvac Cot

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The Buscot BabEvac cot is designed for the emergency evacuation of premature and new-born babies from special care units in the event of a fire or another emergency. Ideal for use in premises where stairs are to be negotiated.


Portable and lightweight, the Buscot can carry up to two babies per cot depending on size and conditions. The flexibility and strength of the Buscot allow for easy handling by staff with adequate support and protection for the babies. Shoulder straps enable carers to be ‘hands-free’ to administer needed care to the infant while evacuating. Each Buscot includes secure storage for an oxygen cylinder (size CD)  on the underside of the cot, to allow for manual ventilation of the baby if required (oxygen cylinder not included).

Since the changes to the Fire Services Act 1981 in 2003, the Fire Service is no longer obliged to provide a “complete evacuation service” for premises placing the onus upon the business owner.

Packed: 62cm x 36cm x 9cm
Unrolled: 58cm x 30cm x 28cm
Padding: 5mm
Weight: 2kg
Material: Vinyl
Features: Secure storage for small size CD oxygen cylinder (cylinder not included). Webbing straps with plastic buckles. Wall mountable, wipe clean storage bag.

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