Nursing Home Health & Safety Policies

Phoenix STS offers expertly crafted health and safety policies tailored for nursing homes. These policies focus on the highest safety and well-being of residents and staff. Addressing lone working, sharps management, resident behaviour challenges, and electrical appliance safety, these measures are designed to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with current regulations. We are here to help and support your needs.

Illustration of safety measures in nursing homes under Phoenix STS Health and Safety Policies

Safety and Compliance with Expert-Crafted Health & Safety Policies.

At Phoenix STS, our Nursing Home Health & Safety Policies preparation service provides comprehensive health safety policies explicitly tailored for nursing homes. We aim to ensure the highest safety and well-being for residents and staff.

Health & Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy is the cornerstone of our approach. It details the commitments and responsibilities of all parties involved in creating and maintaining a safe working and living environment. This policy is dynamic, evolving in response to new risks and regulatory requirements, ensuring that the nursing home continuously aligns with best practices and safety standards.

Lone Working Policy

The Lone Working Policy addresses staff’s unique challenges working alone, particularly during unsociable hours or in less frequented facility sections. It establishes robust risk assessment processes and clear communication protocols to safeguard these employees.

Management of Sharps and Needlestick Policy

This policy is crucial for the safe handling and disposal of sharps. It sets stringent guidelines to prevent needlestick injuries and other sharps-related accidents, thereby protecting the health and safety of both staff and residents.

Meeting the Needs of Residents with Challenging Behaviour Policy

This policy provides staff with strategies for managing residents who exhibit challenging behaviours, ensuring their care is handled with dignity and respect. It emphasises person-centred care and de-escalation techniques to maintain a calm environment.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Policy

Our PAT Policy ensures that all portable electrical appliances are regularly inspected and maintained, reducing the risk of electrical hazards. This policy aligns with Health and Safety Authority guidelines to enhance safety in the nursing home environment.

Procedure Incident Reporting Policy

This policy mandates a systematic approach to incident reporting, enhancing the nursing home’s ability to identify trends and implement corrective actions. It ensures compliance with Health Information and Quality Authority standards and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Policy provides a structured approach to identifying and managing potential risks within the nursing home, ensuring compliance with Health and Safety Authority guidelines and enhancing overall safety.

Safety Statement

Our Safety Statement outlines the strategic measures to mitigate risks identified in the nursing home, ensuring that safety practices are up-to-date and effective.

Smoking and Vaping Policy

The Smoking and Vaping Policy manages smoking and vaping within the facility, designating specific areas for these activities to protect residents and staff from second-hand smoke.

Integrating these policies into your comprehensive health and safety management system will ensure that your nursing home complies with current regulations and provides a safe, secure, and caring environment for all residents and staff.

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