Fire Safety Management Course

The fire safety manager’s course has been tailored to meet the requirements of both the 1981 Fire Services Act and Regulation 9 of The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

The role of Fire Safety Manager is primarily a managerial role suitable for a senior operating manager. The role does not necessitate the duty holder to possess fire safety competencies provided that they have sufficient access to competent fire safety advice provided either from an internal or external Fire Safety Adviser. This course is designed for those with responsibility for fire safety management within their workplace. The course has been tailored to meet the requirements of both the Fire Services Act 1981 and Regulation 9 of The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

The course will take learners through a range of fire management related topics covering legislation, record keeping, fire risk assessment, duties of fire wardens, evacuation planning, passive and active fire safety features, inspection and maintenance, and hot work permits. The Fire Safety Manager acts as a focus for all fire safety matters within the workplace, and therefore the role should be carried out by one person. The role of Fire Safety Manager may be combined with other operational roles such as health and safety, risk management, local security management specialist, emergency planning etc… However, when nominating the Fire Safety Manager, it will be necessary to ensure that there are clearly defined areas of responsibility and an integrated approach to avoid conflict with any overlapping responsibilities.

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Course Aims
Course Objectives
Pre-Course Requirements

Fire Warden Course

Course Programme
  • Fire safety legislation.
  • Management responsibilities.
  • Duties of the fire safety manager.
  • Staff training.
  • Record Keeping.
  • Fire safety management system.
  • First Aid Firefighting Equipment.
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.
  • Emergency Lighting.
  • Fire Prevention and Evacuation.
  • Assisting the Fire Brigade.
Training Methods

Classroom-based power-point presentation.

  • Upon successful completion of this course, learners will receive a Phoenix STS’s Fire Managers Certification.
  • There is no set requirement, but it is recommended that refresher training be provided at intervals not more than every three years or where there is a change in work practices resulting in introducing a new fire safety system in the workplace.
Who Should Attend This Course?
  • Fire safety managers.
  • Health and safety managers/advisors.
  • Plant and facilities managers.
  • Maintenance managers.
  • Company directors.
  • Line managers and supervisors.
  • Safety representatives.
  • Training, quality, accreditation and risk managers.
  • Human resources managers.
Course Materials

Course Handout


6.5 Hours

Maximum learners


Fire Industry Association of Ireland

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