These days, no matter how big or small your company is, your workers will face dangers that impact their health and safety. As an employer, the law requires you to provide any information, instruction or training that is needed to ensure the health and safety of your employees. So, more often than not, various training courses will need to be undertaken.

One of the most common and arguably also required training courses that employees can undertake is health and safety training. There are numerous benefits to taking a course of this kind and if you have been contemplating doing so, keep reading today. Phoenix STS have put together a list of benefits to health and safety training.

Reduce accidents in the workplace

Of course, this may seem like an obvious benefit, and it is ultimately the main aim of undertaking health and safety training, but, it is also the most important. Reducing the number of accidents in the workplace is essential for many reasons, and thankfully training of this kind can make a big difference.

While training can’t guarantee that these accidents will never happen, it ensures that your team are not only well informed to prevent and avoid them but, they are also able to handle the outcome of an accident in the best possible way too. Accidents can cause both minor and life-threatening injuries and, in the extreme, death so, knowing how to prevent them is essential.

Save your company money in the long run

You usually have to pay for a good health and safety training course but, you should always look at this as an investment. The majority of companies end up saving lots of money in the long run only because they have undertaken training of this kind.

It isn’t uncommon for insurance companies to lower your premium if you have undertaken recognised training courses. Of course, by avoiding accidents, you also prevent any indirect costs of these too, such as repairing equipment, hiring replacement staff and also handling any claims being made against you.

Increase employee productivity

In order for a company to be successful, its employees need to be productive and, it goes without saying that employees who are fit and well are always going to be more productive. When your employees don’t need to worry so much about potential accidents, they can focus on the job in hand.

Avoiding accidents also ensures that all of your employees are able to work rather than having to take long periods of time off to recover. This specific training can help you to make sure that all of your best employees are working as usual and that you are avoiding any productivity losses caused by temporary employees.

Ensure compliance and avoid litigation

There are substantial legal concerns regarding health and safety for businesses, and all companies have specific responsibilities. There are also laws and legislations that you must comply with and making your staff undertake health and safety training can help ensure that you stay compliant at all times.

Training can also help to protect your company if an accident does happen. If an employee is injured at work and you’re found to be negligent, then you can be held responsible. Up to date and correct training can help avoid potential compensation claims or lawsuits as well as hefty fines and even imprisonment.

Undertaking health and safety training

It is clear to see why so many companies prioritise health and safety training, and there are numerous benefits to doing so. Whether you think it would be beneficial to your company for all employees to undertake basic health and safety training or you’d like specific members of staff to undertake more in-depth training, it is something that you should look into now if you haven’t already done so. If you’re searching for a company that can assist you with health and safety training, please don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix STS. We have a team of highly qualified health and safety consultants who can provide you with a range of different training courses, and they can also help with other aspects such as your company safety statement too. So, whether you’re looking for standard health and safety courses or you’re interested in more specific fire safety or first aid and CPR training courses, get in touch today.

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