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We want to keep your staff and customers safe and will always put their safety first in everything we do.

What We Do

We provide bespoke Fire Safety, Health & Safety and First Aid training courses countrywide.

We provide expert advice in the area of Fire Safety and Health & Safety countrywide.

We offer a full range of Evacuation Aids, Fire & Safety equipment including AED’s and Manikins.


Fire & Safety Equipment

All manners of health & safety and evacuation equipment, fire preventions and first aid supplies.


Phoenix Safety Training Services was incorporated as a private limited company in 2010 with the establishment of Phoenix STS Limited. Phoenix STS provides bespoke first aid, health and safety, fire safety training and consulting services countrywide to meet the needs of our clients. By offering a systematic professional approach through the integration of theoretical and practical tailored programmes, incorporating your training policies and organisational goals, we guarantee not only compliances but ensure a safer working environment. We also offer a wide range of  RoSPAIATPIFEIIRSM & 
CPD approved courses. We also have a retail business sourcing and supplying specialist evacuation and training equipment.


Enjoyed this fire training very informative

Dorothy Thornton


BlackRock Abbey

I would recommend your business highly to anyone

Elizabeth Yorke

Owner/ manager

Kids paradise Creche

Paddy McDonnell and his team have been delivering fire training to the highest standard to the staff in our Nursing Home Group for over a decade. Over that period he has also worked with us in developing and continuously reviewing site specific Emergency Response Plans, Fire Plans and Drills. He is always very responsive, learned and clear with his advice and we can trust that our residents, staff and visitors are in safe hands under his guidance in Fire Safety Matters.

Peter Ward

Maintenance Manager

Silverstream Healthcare

Great product, everything we need to be confident in going about everyday business. So simple and effective for keeping cars and ourselves clean while dealing with the public.

Andrew Mellon

Sammy Mellon and Sons Hyundai

The sanitiser smells fantastic and I love using it but the Manosan is so convenient for travelling and in the cooking environment, everywhere I go I make sure we aren’t far away from a bottle!

Fiona McGivern

Head Chef / Owner

Mcgivern Catering Society

The Manosan is so useful for people who travel in and out of the convent to keep themselves clean! We’ve been using it in every area, the kitchen staff and carers love using the single product for their hands, clothes and keyboards!


Safety Supplies Manager

Newry Cathedral Parish



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Phoenix STS Ltd t/s Phoenix Safety Training Services provides bespoke first aid, health and safety, fire safety training and consulting services countrywide to meet the needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of RoSPAIATPIFEIIRSM & CPD approved courses.

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