Nutrition & Hydration Online Course

Nutrition & Hydration Online Course


This course will start by defining the various terms used when talking about nutrition and hydration in care environments, the basic elements of nutrition and eating a healthy balanced diet, identify the reasons why vulnerable people might suffer from dehydration and the tools you can use to identify people that are at risk of malnutrition and the steps you can take to deal with this condition.

Approved by CPD – Duration 65 mins* – €28.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Nutrition and Hydration 1 The Course Structure 70
Nutrition and Hydration 2 Defining the Terms 70
Nutrition and Hydration 3 The Eatwell Plate 70
Nutrition and Hydration 4 Hydration 70
Nutrition and Hydration 5 Through-life Nutrition 70
Nutrition and Hydration 6 Malnutrition and Overnutrition 70
Nutrition and Hydration 7 The ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ 70

Additional Information

This course will discuss key topics related to nutrition and hydration tips and guidance, from hydration basics, to warning signs and more. This Nutrition & Hydration Course begins by explaining the main food groups, sources of essential nutrients and the impact of poor diet on health and wellbeing.

The course also covers the current national guidance on healthy eating and explains how different people may have different requirements to achieve a balanced diet. We look at how to plan and promote an appropriate balanced diet on an individual basis and also identifies potential barriers to healthy eating and how to promote healthy eating across different groups.

Delegates will learn about the importance of hydration, signs of dehydration and ways to support and promote hydration with individuals. This Nutrition & Hydration Course also touches on food fortification, the appropriate use of nutritional supplements, how to carry out nutritional screening and how to implement any remedial actions identified.

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