Depression Awareness

Depression Awareness


When people have good mental health, they are more likely to fulfil their potential. That means they enjoy work and cope easily with work situations. They have a happy family life and good social relationships. This course covers the steps that organisations should consider when developing and implementing a comprehensive workplace Mental Health Policy. Approved by IIRSM & CPD – Duration 20 mins* – €35.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Depression Awareness 1 Introduction 70
Depression Awareness 2 The Causes of Depression 70
Depression Awareness 3 Effects on the Individual, Family and Friends 70
Depression Awareness 4 Depression Management and Support: Part 1 70
Depression Awareness 5 Depression Management and Support: Part 2 70

Additional Information

Dementia is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific
diseases and conditions. Dementia is a chronic progressive problem of cognition – which is failure of
the brain’s functions. IT affects people at different stages of life, it affects different parts of the brain
and it affects it at different speeds.

This course is intended to give you an overview of the common types and symptoms of dementia as
well as going into how it can affect the brain in different ways. It also covers strategies to use with
clients with dementia and dealing with challenging behaviour. The course is intended for anyone
who works with or around people that may be suffering with dementia.

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