More often than not, all industries will require their workers to undergo specific training for them to do their job correctly and/or safely. It is highly likely that no matter which industry sector you work in or what your job entails, you will need to undertake at least one relevant training course during your time in that position. It is fair to say that these days, additional training and development of knowledge and skills are more common than ever before.

Whilst industry sectors differ quite dramatically, as do their needs, it is likely that there are a few different training courses that can be beneficial across the board. These versatile courses tend to fall under the health and safety bracket and many will require at least one of these training courses for their employees. If you’re wondering what some of the most frequently sought after flexible training courses are, keep reading today. Below is a list of health and safety training courses that are beneficial to a variety of different industries. 

Manual handling training courses 

This is probably the most common course to be undertaken by such a vast range of industry sectors and it is one that is undeniably beneficial for almost all workers. A manual handling training course can reduce the risk of avoidable workplace accidents and ensure that everyone is aware of the principles of safe moving and handling.

Risk assessment training courses

All workplaces will use risk assessments and for this reason, it is so important for particular employees to be aware of what these are and how to correctly conduct them. A risk assessment training course is perfect for your management team and can be tailored to any industry to ensure that it isn’t just relevant but that it is helpful too. 

Safety awareness training courses 

A simple safety awareness course will ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007. An all-round course like this is suitable for any employees and is perfect for a range of industries. 

Personal safety training courses

It is becoming increasingly common for employees to work independently, both at business premises and on the road too. For this reason, a personal safety training course should be undertaken by all lone workers, no matter what industry you may be in. As an employer, this course will be able to provide you with peace of mind as well as your employees. 

Mental health awareness training courses

Of course, it isn’t just physical health and safety that is important and all industries should also look into courses for mental health and safety too. Something like a mental health awareness course can be incredibly helpful for all employees and make your workplace a much safer and happier place for absolutely everyone. 

Workplace health and safety training courses 

This is another general course that covers the health and safety legislation which is undeniably beneficial for many different industries. A workplace health and safety course will provide learners with a general overview of good practices and will ensure that all employees know how to deal with any potential workplace accidents. 

Arranging health and safety training courses 

It is clear to see just how flexible some health and safety training courses can be and no matter what industry sector you may fall under, you will likely require at least one, if not more, of the courses mentioned above. Of course, completing any of these versatile training courses is always worthwhile and if you feel as though your employees would benefit from doing so, then you may want to consider arranging this. 

Here at Phoenix STS, we can provide you with a range of health and safety training courses and we cover all of the courses mentioned above. We are unique in the fact that we offer bespoke health and safety courses too, so you can always rely on us when trying to find a training course that meets all of your individual needs. Combining both theoretical and practical programmes, incorporating your training policies and organisational goals, we guarantee not only compliances but ensure a safer working environment. So, contact us today to arrange any required health and safety training. 

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