Psychiatric Emergency Transfer System

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When patients with psychological disorders or mentally confused people (e.g. due to drug abuse) suffer from meltdowns – it can be incredibly difficult and downright dangerous for the staff to transport them to a safer area (e.g. ambulance or solitary confinement).


Thre Psychiatric Emergency Transfer System can help you do the job. It protects you and the patient. The Psychiatric Emergency Transfer System has not been designed for permanent fixation. When your staff and the patient reach a zone where the patient can calm down, the blue straps will be opened by the staff. The staff can now get away from the room in a safe and secure way. The patient can escape from the Transfer System independently.


The system contains of three individuals parts. the ‘black Dyneema jacket’ and two blue straps. The blue straps with hook and loop fasteners are being used to fixate the patient in the black jacket. This way you can easily balance and remove the patient from the scene using the carrying handles on the sides. On each longitudinal side, there are 3 carrying handles. The handles can also be used to transfer the patient on and off stretchers.

  • Material Dyneema jacket: Dyneema
  • Material torso & leg strap: Trevira CS
  • Size Dyneema jacket: 185 x 90 cm
  • Size leg strap: 30 x 110 cm
  • Size torso strap: 30 x 220 cm
  • Consists of 3 parts: Dyneema jacket, Leg strap and Torso strap-

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