The Retmex – COMPACT MODEL comes with a carabiner to securely clip the Rescue Sheet to your clothing. The Compact Model is ready to go wherever you are.

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The Retmex – COMPACT MODEL comes with 12 secure carrying handles, multiple rescue responders can effortlessly balance and carry a patient from the scene quickly. While the Compact Model is designed for the evacuation of immobile patients from hazardous situations and suitable for transferring patients both on and off stretchers, it can also be used inside operating theatres to ensure a safe evacuation.

Yellow Webbing on the Body Zone Ensures a Double Function

Too much friction is placed on the outside of the sheet on previous webbing designs. Webbing placed on the body zone makes sure that you can also use the Retmex Rescue Sheet for sliding when additional help isn’t available.

Compact Storage

The Retmex – COMPACT MODEL comes with a carabiner to securely clip the Rescue Sheet to your clothing.

Extra Stability

The foot sack ensures extra stability.


  • Article number: 1099876610
  • Size Carry Sheet: 205×80 cm / 81″ – 31″
  • Size foot sack: 40×80 cm / 15″ – 31″
  • Material top side: PU coating
  • Material bottom side: 100% polyester
  • Total weight: 900 gram / 1,99 lbs
  • Load limit: 250 kg / 550 lbs
  • Laundry instructions: spray detergent, 60 degrees, dry on low temperature, do not iron, no chemical cleaning, do not bleach

When do you use the Retmex?

Answer: The Retmex can be used when you need to rescue a victim from a forest, national park, dunes or other difficult terrain. It is also used to transfer victims to and from the stretcher. This can be quite a challenge, especially when you are dealing with larger-sized people. You can also use the Retmex when there’s too little space for a scoop or a stretcher. With the Retmex you make it just a little easier. This version of the Retmex is ideal you have little storage space. The compact storage doesn’t take a lot of space.

With how many people do you use the Retmex?

Answer: You normally operate a rescue sheet with 4 people. The weight of the victim will determine how many hands are needed to transfer the victim. There are 12 handles on this Retmex, so you can easily balance with multiple responders.

Who's using it?

Answer: Retmex is used by paramedics, first aid teams, firefighters, rescue teams and anyone who has to deal with accidents or crisis situations. It is also used in healthcare institutions to move people from A to B or it serves as an evacuation aid during an emergency evacuation.

How's the Retmex packed?

Answer: The Rescue Sheet is ready to go wherever you are. By rolling the Rescue Sheet, you can carry it in your first aid kit or rescue bag and quickly unroll it in the event of an emergency. The Compact Model comes standard with a small carabiner to securely clip the Rescue Sheet to your clothing.

Why are the yellow straps on the lying side of the rescue sheet?

Answer: There’s always a chance that you need to use the Retmex by yourself if there’s no one around to assist you. If that’s the case, you will need to slide the victim instead of lifting. This can occur in critical emergencies. Therefore, we’ve decided to place the yellow straps on the lying side. If the straps would have been on the outside, this would have created an obstacle for sliding.

Can you give an example how you would use the Retmex?

Answer: An athlete is injured during a sports event. You can then use the rescue sheet to transfer this person to an emergency room. It is a handy and compact alternative to a stretcher or scoop.

Instructions - Retmex Rescue Sheet

Instructions - Retmex Rescue Sheet

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Your Retmex Care Guide

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Retmex Brochure