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The Retmex – COMFORT MODEL is designed to make it easier to effectively transfer patients both on and off stretchers.


Stretcher transfers made easy, the Retmex – COMFORT MODEL contains 12 handles and can be used by up to 6 people.

Easy to Clean

For hygiene reasons, the fabric is water-resistant. It can easily be wiped off.

Foot sack

The foot sack creates extra stability when placing a victim onto the Rescue Sheet.

PVC Handles

The PVC on the handles increases comfort for the rescuer.

Small and Portable Bag

The Retmex – COMFORT MODEL comes in a small portable bag. After removing the Rescue Sheet from the bag, you open it up so you can place a victim onto the Comfort Model.

  • Article number: 10PVC76590
  • Size Carry Sheet: 205×80 cm / 81″ – 31″
  • Size feet section: 40×80 cm / 15″ – 31″
  • Material top side: PU coating
  • Material bottom side: 100% polyester
  • Total weight: 1400 gram / 3,10 lbs
  • Load limit: 250 kg / 550 lbs
  • Laundry instructions: spray detergent, 60 degrees, dry on low temperature, do not iron, no chemical cleaning, do not bleach

Retmex Brochure

Retmex Brochure

Instructions - Retmex Rescue Sheet

Instructions - Retmex Rescue Sheet

Your Retmex Care Guide

Your Retmex Care Guide

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