Powerheart G3 Elite Semi Automatic AED


Introducing the new Powerheart G3 Elite, the latest AED in the G3 series from Cardiac Science. The Powerheart G3 Elite uses proven Rescue Ready® technology to conduct daily self-tests that ensure the electrodes and battery are both present & functional, so the G3 Elite will be ready to rescue 365 days of the year. In addition, the new Powerheart G3 Elite features modern circuitry for added reliability & sustainability, as well as strong resistance against dust and water.

The new Powerheart G3 Elite helps make responding to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergency easy and intuitive for rescuers of all skill levels. RescueCoach™ guides users through the entire rescue with step-by-step voice and text prompts, and the G3 Elite provides industry-leading features such as fully automatic shock delivery* and pre-connected defibrillation pads to provide rescuers with the confidence they need.

When it comes to legendary Powerheart performance, modern circuitry, improved durability and great value, your choice should be a G3 Elite

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  • RescueCoach
  • CPR metronome
  • Bright backlit text display
  • Non-polarised defibrillation pads for quick placement on either side of the patient’s chest
  • Customised patient therapy
  • Escalating energy


The Powerheart G3 Elite uses STAR® biphasic to provide an effective shock – a patented technology proven in successful rescues across the globe. If a subsequent shock is needed, the Powerheart G3 Elite will supply variable escalating energy to deliver a higher dose of therapy to the patient.


The Powerheart G3 Elite AED is designed to be simple to use. Patented RescueCoach provides clear user-paced voice and text prompts to rescuers of any skill level. Prompts only advance after successful completion of each critical step. The Powerheart G3 Elite determines if a shock is needed and delivers the shock automatically to the SCA victim.*


Each day the Powerheart G3 Elite AED performs a sophisticated series of patented self-tests throughout the device’s circuitry to verify that its battery, patented non-polarised pads, and critical components are not only connected but fully functional for the upcoming day. Many other AEDs test as infrequently as once a week. The highly visible Rescue Ready indicator makes it easy to determine the Powerheart G3 Elite’s status at a glance. If your Powerheart AED detects a self-test error, the indicator turns from green to red and is accompanied by alert tones to indicate attention is required. Cardiac Science offers a strong indemnification policy that includes the AED, pads, and battery – so you’ll have additional peace-of-mind.

*Automatic shock delivery is available on the fully automatic model only. The new Powerheart G3 Elite is available in both fully automatic or semi-automatic models


Operations: Fully automatic or semi-automatic versions
Waveform: STAR® biphasic truncated exponential
Therapy range (J): 95J to 351J (adult)
Voice prompts: RescueCoach™ prompts provide user-paced instruction
Text screen: Displays rescue prompts and critical rescue information
Audible prompts/alerts: Voice rescue and CPR prompts, system alerts
Synchronised shock: Built-in automatic Synchronisation feature
Pacemaker pulse detection and rejection: Yes
Paediatric capability: Yes
Customisable: Voice prompt, CPR settings, and shock protocols via MDLink
CPR: Metronome for CPR compression rate
Visible indicators: Rescue Ready® status indicator, battery, pad, service status


Dimensions: (H × W × D) 8 cm x 27 cm x 31cm (3.3” x 10.6” x 12.4”)
Weight: 3.1kg (6.6lbs), including battery and pads
Operating environmental conditions: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to +122 °F)

PADS Intellisense™ Defibrillation Pads

Type: Disposable, non-polarised (pads can be placed in either position) Available in a smaller size for paediatrics
Shelf life: 24 months (min)

BATTERY Intellisense® Lithium Battery

Shelf life / guarantee: 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture / 4-year operational replacement guarantee*
Capacity / performance: 290 shocks at 300VE (typical), output voltage: 12 VDC (nominal), 16 hours (typical) of operating time


Daily, weekly, and monthly: Electrical circuitry, AED software, battery and defibrillation pads
Weekly: Includes partial energy charge
Monthly: Includes full energy charge cycle


Internal memory: 60 minutes of rescue data, multiple rescue functionality
ECG and rescue review: Viewable via RescueLink reporting and MDLink configuration software
Communications: Direct connect cable


* Some conditions apply. Contact your Cardiac Science representative for details.