Modular Falls Mat

The Modular Falls Mat is a two-piece bedside safety system that offers protection from injuries when falling out of bed. The Mat was designed by NHS staff and commissioned by NHS Innovations to lessen the risk of injuries sustained by patients or residents falling from beds.



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Ideal for use in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and other care facilities to protect a person that is prone to falling from their bed. The mat provides an alternative solution to Bed rails (Cot-Sides, Safety Sides, Bed Guards) which can pose serious dangers; entrapment by head, neck or chest and injury to limbs of vulnerable people who may try to climb over the rails.

The Modular Falls Mat is designed to be positioned on the floor beside the bed, to help reduce the chance of injury from a fall. The Mat works by reacting instantly upon impact to absorb and redirect the impact force of the falling person.

The high density of the Mat’s foam core disperses the sudden downward energy away from the point of impact and distributes it along the entire area of the mat, lessening impact forces on the faller.

Each Modular Falls Mat comes in two sections easily connected via the Velcro attachments included and the indented carry handles on each section makes it easy to separate, move to another area and re-assemble. The tapered edges of the Mat help to minimise the risk of tripping and allows chairs and other wheeled items to pass over it. To reduce cross-infection the Mats are made from a polyurethane foam containing an antimicrobial additive for easy cleaning with a damp cloth and drying with a soft cloth or paper towels.


Each mat comes in two 101.5cm x 80cm x 3cm sections that can be interlocked with hook and loop connectors (provided) on the underside.

  • Tapered Edges on all four sides minimise trip risks.
  • Indented carry handles on each side of each
  • Manufactured from a high-density polyurethane
    the foam which contains an anti-bacterial additive to
    reduce cleaning and cross infection problems.
  • Successful testing for impact, slip resistance and
  • Two sections – Joined by Velcro straps.
  • Tapered Edges – Minimising Tripping.
  • High-Density Polyurethane Foam.
  • Tetramass Plus Antimicrobial Additive – Easy Clean Surface.
  • Section Dimensions – 1015mm x 800mm x 30mm (tapering).