Germgard® Station

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Germgard is a smart sanitising station, designed to promote good hygiene practises to building users. Using digital signage, it alerts users to sanitise their hands before gaining entry.

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How does Germgard® Station work?

Step one

Germgard station has been placed in a high traffic area. The screen remains on neutral until the sensor detects someone approaching.

Step two

The sensor detected someone passing by and the screen turned red to alert them to sanitise their hands.

Step three

When the hand sanitiser is used, it will trigger the screen to turn green and give the user a message to carry on their journey.

Can I install Germgard myself?

Answer: Germgard Station is plug and play.

How do I purchase Germgard?

Answer: 2 years.

How is Germgard powered?

Answer: Single socket 240v AC.

Can Germgard be integrated with any other systems?

Answer: Yes – optional.

What can I refill my sanitiser unit with?

Answer: We recommend using an instant foaming sanitiser (no specific brand required).

Where is Germgard suitable for?

Answer: Germgard Station can be placed anywhere as long as there is a plug socket. However, some places where Germgard would be ideal are reception areas, care homes, hotel lobbies, restaurants or shop entrances.

Can I customise the Germgard signage?

Answer: Yes. The Germgard signage can be customised to suit the needs of your business.


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