Freedor SmartSound

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Freedor SmartSound is a unique wireless solution that allows fire doors to be held open in any position, automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds. It makes heavy fire doors effortless to open, enabling easier access.

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Freedor SmartSound is a unique wireless device installed at the top of a fire door that allows the door to swing freely and be left open in any position. The SmartSound listening technology will identify the sound of the fire alarm and close the doors, preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

  • Assists with germ control
  • No more struggling with heavy fire doors
  • Enables greater access throughout the building
  • Up to three-year battery life and three-year warranty
  • Wire-free technology – no costly hard wiring required
  • Meets all regulatory requirements

How does Freedor SmartSound work?

Answer: Freedor SmartSound is a battery-powered, acoustic device, which holds the door open and releases it to close when the fire alarm sounds.

How is Freedor SmartSound fitted?

Answer: Freedor SmartSound is fitted to the top of the door, with the closer arm fitted to the door frame.

Can I fit Freedor SmartSound to any door?

Answer: Freedor SmartSound is fitted to internal doors, up to power size 4. It is suitable for fitting to over 90% of doors.

What colours is Freedor SmartSound available in?

Answer: Freedor SmartSound is available in silver or brass finish.

What testing has Freedor SmartSound undergone?

Answer: Freedor SmartSound has been tested to the European Normative (EN) Standards EN 1634 and EN 1155. These tests are required for fire safety products which are fitted to doors.

Does Freedor SmartSound come with a warranty?

Answer: Freedor SmartSound comes with a 3-year warranty.


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Fire Industry Association of Ireland

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