Freedor Pro

Freedor Pro takes the weight out of heavy fire doors with its free swing feature, improving access throughout a building. The radio ProHub activates the Freedor Pro in the event of an emergency, ensuring all doors are closed, preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

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Freedor Pro is ideal for noisy environments because it is radio-activated by ProHub.
ProHub is wired to the fire alarm system, making it easy to monitor all of your Fireco products from one place.

  • Makes opening heavy fire doors effortless
  • Controlled by a hard-wired ProHub – not affected by background noise
  • Suitable for all areas including corridors, kitchens and stairwells
  • Improves access for those with mobility issues
  • Compatible with all alarm panels
  • Peace of mind with a five-year warranty and battery life

How does Freedor Pro work?

Answer: Freedor Pro holds your heavy fire doors open and allows them to stay open at any angle with its free swing feature. It releases the door when it receives a radio signal on its own dedicated network triggered by the fire alarm.

How is Freedor Pro installed?

Answer: Freedor Pro is controlled by ProHub, which is directly connected to the fire alarm panel. As this requires professional installation, Freedor Pro is exclusively available to professional installers. We’ll recommend an installer in your area.

Can Freedor Pro be installed to a critical door?

Answer: Yes, but a Fire Risk Assessment must be completed first. Please give us a call to discuss this further.

What power size door can Freedor Pro operate?

Answer: Freedor can operate a power size 3 door. The majority (90%+) of doors sold within the UK are power size 3.

Is Freedor Pro compliant to fire regulations?

Answer: Freedor Pro is compliant to BS7273-4 and has been tested to EN1634 on FD30 doorsets.

How does Freedor Pro work in large buildings?

Answer: Larger buildings require a ProExtender. A radio survey determines how many ProExtenders you need for radio coverage. Up to 500 Pro devices can go on one network.

Does Freedor Pro have a fail safe?

Answer: You can install ProHub to fire and fault outputs in your fire panel. The Pro Range has a battery back up, please give us a call to find out more.

Does Freedor Pro come with a warranty?

Answer: Freedor Pro has a 5-year warranty.

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