Ciglow CIG-DH

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The Ciglow CIG-DH is a stylish anti-ligature design flameless lighter made from marine grade stainless steel which is totally weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The unit is fitted with an illuminated vandal-resistant push button and anti-tamper fixing screws as standard and has been designed for use in robust environments where naked flames pose a risk to people, property, and assets. This model is very low maintenance thanks to its unique auto power cut feature which automatically isolates the faceplate once it is removed. The design allows access to the workings of the lighter through a removable faceplate thus leaving the backbox permanently secured to the wall.

The Ciglow CIG-DH are ideal for use in factories, warehouses and secure facilities such as prisons, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and similar locations. Ciglow Flameless Cigarette Lighters provide you with greater control over the smoking habits of people on site. This can greatly reduce the risks posed by fire whilst providing a solution to the problem of managing to smoke without antagonising and alienating smokers.

Mounting Style;

Mounted onto a wall or similar flat surface and requires connection to a mains power supply through a knockout on the rear of the unit.

Weatherproof Rating;

Rated IP65 and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions.


Uses the CIG-SL internally mounted screw-in element.


The Ciglow CIG-DH operates a safety control timer. The user presses the push button then releases. The unit then runs through a cycle which heats up the element, switches it off, and then adds in a cool-down period. The timer cannot be restarted whilst this cycle is running and is ideal for challenging environments where the unit may be exposed to high levels of use and the potential for misuse exists.

  • Robust 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Instructional engraving as standard
  • Safety control timer prevents deliberate misuse
  • Vandal-resistant illuminated push button
  • Anti-tamper security screws
  • Auto power cut control tray
  • IP65 rated
  • CE Approved
  • Tested to BS EN 60335-2-45 : 2002 + A1 : 2008
  • Available in 230, 110 or 12 volt
  • Dimensions: 285mm (h) x 180 (w) x 95 (d)
  • Weighs a solid 5kg