Bodypod Transfer Mattress

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The Bodypod Transfer Mattress will reduce physical strain for people working in the body removal service. It can be used as an alternative for brancards or stretchers when there’s limited space on stairs when you need to transfer a deceased person in a confined space or when you need to move via a rotating staircase. Going down the stairs is quiet, easy and safe.

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Research by the University of Sydney has shown that lower back pain accounts for a third of all work-related disabilities. In the funeral industry, it’s pretty standard that workers suffer from injuries to muscles and joints. According to KCRG, the back is the number one injury in the funeral industry.

Data published by World Obesity shows that 2.7 billion adults globally are expected to suffer from obesity and overweight by 2025. This could eventually lead to more injuries in the funeral industry.

Nowadays, stretchers are used to move a deceased from floor one to the ground floor. However, the problem is that they aren’t as flexible in use. Certainly not on a rotating staircase or in a narrow corridor.

What’s wrong with the functionality of brancards in tight corridors or steep staircases?

The problem is in the frame. Because of their steel frames, they aren’t as manoeuvrable. In other words: you can’t easily work with a stretcher in a narrow passage or on a curved staircase. That’s why you often have to do the heavy lifting and your back isn’t made to cope with that.

Because 1/5 of the world population probably will be overweight in 2025, the heavy lifting for your staff is likely to increase. Many funeral employees will, therefore, encounter physical complaints with their back and limbs that might be even worse than it is today.

For that reason, the Bodypod Transfer Mattress was designed.
  • What we have done for you is to forget about the whole frame and use a sturdy, compact foam mattress in the Bodypod Transfer Mattress.
  • A foam mattress that is manoeuvrable which completely relieves the body of the employee and which is deployable on any kind of staircase and in any corridor or staircase.
  • Forget about lifting and let gravity do the work instead.
  • With the Bodypod Transfer Mattress, we want to emphasize more and more on ergonomics to create safe, comfortable and productive workspaces when users are dealing with handling equipment.

Bodypod User Manual

Bodypod User Manual

Instructions for use of the Bodypod

Instructions for use of the Bodypod

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