Body Board

The Body Board is designed to complete a transfer between surfaces. The board is used to make a solid “bridge” between two surfaces. The person can slide across the Body Board to transfer between them.

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The Body Board is covered with a piece of fabric to ensure that sliding is as efficient and easy as possible.

The fabric is similar to the Body Slider which can be found on the left side of this page.

The Body Board has two models:

  • The Standard Model which is flat and rigid.
  • The Fold Model which can be folded.

The Boady Board comes standard with a Body Board Sheet. The Body Board Sheet can also be ordered separately.

  • Material Body Board: PU / Plywood
  • Material Body Board Sheet: Polyester, Silicons
  • Size: 48×78 cm
  • Max. weight – distance: Check product sheet
  • Total weight: 1,5 kg