The AlbacMat is a wall-mounted wipe clean; flexible stretcher used to evacuate patients/residents or an immobile person. The person is transferred to the Albac Mat, wrapped in their bedding (if in bed), secured with the 3 fluorescent yellow velcro straps and can then be quickly pulled to safety.

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The AlbacMat gives protection to the occupant from bumps and bruises and is ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals and many other environments such as schools, offices, hotels, etc. and by the emergency services for casualty rescue. The AlbacMat has 3 carry handles on each side, plus the handles at the head and feet allow for 6 to 8 rescuers to carry the occupant if required.

The AlbacMat is a red nylon sheet bonded to a tough insulated polypropylene baseboard that enables the occupant to be moved easily over virtually any surface such as carpet, vinyl, concrete, bitumen and grass, making it simple and easy for rescuers while being comfortable for the occupant. It has a footrest pocket and thermal blanket for the comfort and security of the occupant.

The narrow width and flexibility of the AlbacMat allow the occupant to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors and down narrow stairs.

Safe load tested to 160kg with a manufacturer’s recommended maximum load of 120kg with a minimum of 2 rescuers using the AlbacMat. It would be best to liaise with your manual handling advisor about forming a policy on how many staff should be available to use this product.

A holder for the AlbacMat can take up to 4 mats for easy and quick access. The holder can be carried to the emergency site where the mats are ready to be used immediately.

A product information DVD is available;  it is not intended to substitute for training as no DVD can correct handling errors or bad habits.

Certified training is also available on this product:  Evacuation Aid Training Course.

Phoenix STS is the only company in Ireland authorised to deliver “train the trainer” courses on the use of the AlbacMat.


Since the changes to the Fire Services Act 1981 in 2003, the Fire Service is no longer obliged to provide a “complete evacuation service” for premises, thus placing the onus upon the business owner and changes in the ‘Disability Act’ – which now states that everyone must have the same right of evacuation in an emergency.

  • 3 x securing straps for flexibility across the person
  • 3 x transit strap for safely moving the person by the rescuer at the head end
  • 1 x transit strap for moving the person from the feet end when required
  • 6 x carry handles to enable the carrying of a person in a stretcher mode (a spine board can be inserted)
  • Thermal cover – for warmth and protection
  • Polypropylene board as the base for personal comfort, heat protection and slide-ability


What are my options?


The standard size is the first size developed for the Aged Care and Nursing Home market. This size is also suitable for adolescent children, either for home or school care.


Accommodates larger people – 100kg +. The AlbacMat Large offers greater versatility in accommodating all types of people and is recommended for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Emergency Services, where the person may not be known. Mining, Manufacturing, Cruise ships, Aeroplanes, Mortuary Transfers, Hotels among other ‘general public’ markets have all installed the AlbacMat large for use in the event of an emergency.


Custom made based on the standard size, with additional strapping. This enables the rescuer to use the chest securing strap (for an adult) as the transit strap to maintain full control of the child whilst ensuring correct posture for the rescuer.


Custom made with a wider polypropylene board. Due to the width, the premises must have bariatric specific facilities. This size is not as flexible in hallways or doorways and is carefully discussed before purchase.


  • Packed:  38cm x 20cm x 18cm
  • Unrolled: 193cm x 64cm (standard) or 193cm x 94cm (large)
  • Base: Polypropylene flexible board 30cm x 176cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Safety tested: 160kg
  • Safe working load: 120kg
  • Material: Red vinyl
  • Features: Foil Blanket 50cm x 160cm, velcro and webbing straps