Working in Confined Spaces

Working in Confined Spaces


This course will cover the legislation associated with working in confined spaces. What constitutes a confined space, the potential hazards, safe operating procedures, and emergency procedures and rescue. Important note: This is an awareness course only, designed for people who need to be aware of the hazards and risks of confined space working but are not required to enter a confined space. If you are required to perform any work activity in, or in the proximity of, a confined space then you will also need to have an ‘approved’ standard of practical training at the ‘appropriate’ level.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 25 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Working in Confined Spaces 1 The Law 70
Working in Confined Spaces 2 Confined Space and the Dangers? 70
Working in Confined Spaces 3 Safe Procedures 70
Working in Confined Spaces 4 Communication, Emergencies and Paperwork 70
Working in Confined Spaces 5 Final Assessment 70

Additional Information

This course lasts around 25 minutes.

This course is approved by IIRSM and covers all the principals and safety measures required for a person to work in confined spaces including:

–        What is considered working in a confined space and the applicable legislation

–        Understanding the dangers of working in confined spaces

–        How to undertake a risk assessment prior to working in a confined space and what safety issues need to be considered

–        How to determine the necessary control measures which need to be in place

–        What the relevant safety equipment options are and when/how to use them

–        The importance of following this guidance to prevent accidents and avoid injuries while working in confined spaces.

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