Understanding your Role in Care
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Understanding your Role in Care

This course will define social care and talk about why people choose it as a career and what its goals and objectives are. It will also cover job descriptions, person-centred care, understanding the code of practices and the basics of government legislation. Finally, it will touch on dealing with conflicts at work.

Approved by CPD – Duration 40 mins* – €24.00

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This course lasts around 40 minutes.

This course is designed for individuals who are planning or have recently begun a role within the care sector.  It provides an awareness of the personal behaviours and standards of work which would be expected in this sector and gives an introduction to the framework of relevant legislation including your duties and responsibilities when caring for children or vulnerable adults.  The course will explore the different career paths and roles which you may come into contact with and how they work together to provide a person-centred approach the care of each individual.