Time Management Online Course

Time Management Online Course


More often than not, the people who excel in their job, or are high achievers manage their time effectively, in a way that makes them work in a more efficient manner. This course has been designed to ensure you have the techniques to improve your efficiency, output and ability to function more effectively – whether in your ordinary day or when deadlines loom and the pressure is building.

Approved by CPD – Duration 105 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Time Management 1 Key Terms and the Benefits of Time Management 70
Time Management 2 The 6 Laws of Time Management 70
Time Management 3 Time Stealers and Interruptions 70
Time Management 4 Time Saving Methods 70
Time Management 5 Monkey Management 70
Time Management 6 Meetings and Summing up 70

Additional Information

This course lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Poor time management can be a significant cause of stress in the workplace and lead to an overall reduction in productivity and output.  The course will help you to learn how to structure your day/week and prioritise your workloads to ensure that you can meet your deadlines and improve your overall efficiency and productivity.  Planning your routine daily tasks around your other allocated workload is a skill which needs to be learned and honed and once developed it can be used to help schedule your activities both at work and at home.  Identifying the key elements required to deliver a task can help to make each part more manageable. Proper scheduling and allocating realistic timescales will help you to plan to succeed and identify earlier if further resource is required to prevent deadlines being missed.

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