Stress Management Online Course

Stress Management Online Course


Stress is a real problem for both organisations and their employees. It accounts for a significant proportion of work-related illness each year. Being aware of the signs of stress, some of the triggers and how to manage them can make a real difference to your wellbeing and that of people around you. This course will cover an introduction to stress and why it’s a problem, some of the causes of stress and some ways to minimise the risk of stress.

Approved by CPD – Duration 30 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Stress Management 1 What is Stress and Why is it a Problem 70
Stress Management 2 The Causes and Symptoms of Stress 70
Stress Management 3 The Law on Stress and its Contravention 70
Stress Management 4 Minimising the Risk of Stress 70

Additional Information

This course lasts around 30 minutes.

The course provides an overview of the range of causes of stress and how issues affect individuals differently and can lead to stress and wider issues with people’s health.  It provides an overview of the key signs of stress to help managers to identify when their staff may be having difficulties and suggests a range of tools which can be implemented to reduce stress on individual members of your staff and in the workplace as a whole.  The impacts of stress in the workplace on productivity, performance and outputs are also explored.

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