Sales Skills Online Course

Sales Skills Online Course


The course starts with the basic rules for salespeople. It covers cold calling, how to deal with gatekeepers and takes you through a typical face-to-face meeting. It then discusses how you can sell by stressing the results prospects can expect if they buy, and how best to play to their emotions. It then finishes off by covering negotiations and how to avoid them and includes some methods for closing a sale.

Approved by CPD – Duration 120 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Sales Skills 1 Basic Rules for Sales People 70
Sales Skills 2 Cold Calling 70
Sales Skills 3 Face-to-Face Meetings 70
Sales Skills 4 Rapport Building 70
Sales Skills 5 Sales Presentations 70
Sales Skills 6 Results Selling 70
Sales Skills 7 Handling Negotiations 70
Sales Skills 8 Dealing With Objections 70
Sales Skills 9 Closing the Sale 70

Additional Information

This course lasts around 2 hours and focuses on helping you to hone your skills to improve your approach to selling while giving you the tools to adapt your pitch.  From gaining trust to developing relationships and learning new ways to highlight the benefits of your products, whether you are new to sales or have joined a new team focussing on a new product or sector, this course will help you to identify new ways to sell, discuss the best approaches in different circumstances and help you to demonstrate the benefits to your potential buyer.

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