Negotiation Online Training Course

Negotiation Online Training Course


This course covers the basics of what constitutes a negotiation, the key stages of a negotiation, skills you can apply to your negotiations and some practical advice so you can bring all of this together and become a more effective negotiator.

Approved by CPD – Duration 46 mins* – €28.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Negotiation Skills 1 What is Negotiation? 70
Negotiation Skills 2 The Key Negotiation Stages and Skills 70
Negotiation Skills 3 Negotiating Positions 70
Negotiation Skills 4 The Negotiation 70

Additional Information

Negotiation is an important part of nearly everything an organisation and member of staff does. Whether employees are dealing with clients, suppliers, partners, trade unions or even other colleagues, negotiation skills are vital to ensure personal and organisational success.

This Negotiation Training Course looks at how to prepare negotiation strategies in advance, how to approach complex, team-based negotiation scenarios and the various options available when dealing with difficult situations with the potential for conflict to arise.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss their current negotiation requirements, challenges and successes, then put together action plans for approaching these situations when they are back in the workplace.

This Negotiation Training Course is designed for anyone who wants to develop and practice their skills and behaviours as negotiators. Topics covered include; the key phases involved in negotiations, the interpersonal skills needed, how to prepare and plan, different negotiation styles, how to avoid deadlocks and what to do if one arises and how to work more effectively as part of a negotiating team.

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