Licensed Premises Staff Training

Licensed Premises Staff Training

This course is aimed at anyone that works on licensed premises and gives them an overview of key topics relating to UK licencing law, responsibilities and penalties for breaching these. It also looks in detail at the issue of age verification including an interactive element to support learning in this area.

Approved by CPD – Duration 60 mins* – €24.00

Additional Information

It is important for anyone working in licensed premises to have a basic understanding of these laws and how they apply to them. This Licensed Premises Staff Training Course is suitable for anyone working in licensed premises and starts with an overview of UK alcohol licensing laws and the importance of the licensing objectives.

The course also covers mandatory requirements compulsory for all licensed premises and looks at the major issue of age verification. The course also outlines the responsibilities involved in alcohol retailing including drinking guidelines and how to avoid and reduce conflict.

This course can easily be included as part of your standard induction process or used as a regular refresher for existing staff’s understanding of their responsibilities.

If you require support to carry out a review of your current licensed premises staff training requirements or would like further information on our Licensed Premises Staff Training Course, please contact a member of our team at Phoenix STS Ltd

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