Level 2 Food Safety – Retail

Food safety combines a number of practices to reduce health hazards. These include premises hygiene, personal hygiene, risk control, pest control and waste management. This level 2 course is about minimising the level of potential hazards in a food retail setting.

Approved by RoSPA & CPD – Duration 75 mins* – €24.00

Anyone who works in retail where food is involved needs to be aware of the latest food hygiene standards concerning their role. This Level 2 Food Safety – Retail Course provides a solid understanding of food safety and hygiene as it relates to the retail sector, covering issues such as hot display units, storage and preparing food for retail.

Organisations have to comply with the provisions of the EU food safety policy in Ireland and the Food Safety Acts and Regulations in the UK which requires food businesses to ensure that any staff working with food in a retail environment are supervised, instructed and trained in food hygiene and food safety in a way that is appropriate to the work they do.

Our Level 2 Food Safety – Retail Course takes delegates through the risks associated with handling food in a retail environment and highlights the practical measures that should be put in place to reduce the risks.

The course covers why you need to know about food safety and hygiene, common terms used, key legislation involved, the responsibilities of employers and employees, main hazards and control measures.

If you require support to carry out a review of your organisation’s Retail Food Safety requirements or would like further information on our Level 2 Food Safety – Retail Course, please contact a member of our team at Phoenix STS Ltd