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Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

In this course, we’re going to be discussing two topics, ‘equality’ and diversity’ and how they relate to one another. Understanding this will help us to identify and address issues of unfairness and discrimination in the workplace.

Approved by CPD – Duration 70 mins* – €30.00

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Our Equality and Diversity training course has been designed to help attendees understand more about their responsibilities for promoting and maintaining equality and diversity in the workplace.

This course is suitable for delegates of all levels and is relevant for employers, managers, supervisors as well as employees. This is because everyone in the workplace has a responsibility for supporting equality and diversity. The course has been designed as an introductory level and so no prerequisite training is needed.

The course provides an introduction to the Equality Act 2010 and explores each of the protected characteristics so you can learn more about what they are and how to avoid discrimination through your words and actions. The course looks at which behaviours are prohibited by the Equality Act and aims to help you promote a fairer, more tolerant and more diverse working environment.

If you require support to review your organisation’s Equality and Diversity awareness or would like further information on our Equality and Diversity Training Course, please contact a member of our team at Phoenix STS Ltd

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