Electrical Safety Course

Electrical Safety Course


This course will start by covering the many benefits electricity brings to society, as well as its key components voltage, current and resistance. It will explain the two main types of electricity, cover UK accident and death statistics, and describe a simple way of remembering the electrical hazards. It then goes on to provide basic instructions about how you could safely help someone you suspect has received an electric shock.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 45 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Electrical Safety 1 Overview and Benefits of Electricity 70
Electrical Safety 2 What is Electricity? 70
Electrical Safety 3 How Electricity Can Cause Harm 70
Electrical Safety 4 Legislation, Standards and Key Steps 70
Electrical Safety 5 PAT Testing Standards and Guidance 70
Electrical Safety 6 Final Assessment 70

Additional Information

Electricity is present in all sectors, so this is a useful awareness course for employees.  The course will provide a background to electricity and the hazards associated with it in the workplace.  Whether you work in an office or on an industrial site with high voltage, this course will equip participants with an understanding of electrical safety, do’s and don’ts and how equipment is testing to ensure it remains safe for use.  The course will explore a range of safety concepts such as overloading of sockets, trailing wires and monitoring equipment for the signs of wear and tear.  Participants will also learn what to do if they believe someone has had an electric shock and how to safely assess the scene and avoid putting themselves in danger while trying to help.

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