Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation


This course will start with the essentials – defining exactly what we mean by delegation and why it’s so important. It then goes into details about the elements of delegation, overcoming the barriers to delegation, how you can choose which tasks to delegate and who to, the process of delegation and much more.

Approved by CPD – Duration 110 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Effective Delegation 1 The course structure 70
Effective Delegation 2 What is delegation, and why is it so important? 70
Effective Delegation 3 Elements of delegation 70
Effective Delegation 4 The benefits of delegation 70
Effective Delegation 5 Overcoming the barriers to delegation 70
Effective Delegation 6 Choosing what to delegate 70
Effective Delegation 7 Who you should delegate to 70
Effective Delegation 8 The process of delegation 70
Effective Delegation 9 Completion, follow-up and evaluation 70

Additional Information

This course is useful for managers – whether they are newly in post or have been a manager for some time.  It explores the useful tool of delegation and how effective delegation is helpful both to manage your time and your workload but also to help to improve the skills of your team members who may want the opportunity to widen their knowledge.  Delegation is a skill which is learned and is an important aspect of being a good manager who trusts your team.  It relies on identifying the tasks which can be undertaken by other people, ensuring they are trained to undertake the tasks and then implementing monitoring and review arrangements to ensure individuals are not left stranded with tasks they cannot complete and are adequately supported.  The course will step participants through the best methods of using delegation effectively so that they can embed it in their day to day working.

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