Dignity and Privacy

Dignity and Privacy


The course will start by defining dignity and privacy within the healthcare sector and will explain how the two are quite often linked. It will then go on to give you a range of useful professional tips about setting up the right working relationship with your service users and discuss some of the issues that can arise when dignity and privacy are not respected.

Approved by CPD – Duration 50 mins* – €24.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Dignity and Privacy 1 Overview of the Course 70
Dignity and Privacy 2 Understanding the Principles 70
Dignity and Privacy 3 Dignity – Good Practice Part 1 70
Dignity and Privacy 4 Dignity – Good Practice Part 2 70
Dignity and Privacy 5 Privacy – Good Practice 70
Dignity and Privacy 6 Self-care 70
Dignity and Privacy 7 Overcoming Barriers to Dignity and Privacy 70

Additional Information

This course is designed for individuals who are planning to start a career in the heathcare sector or who are already working within the sector, either in a healthcare or a domestic setting.  The trainer will explore the concepts of dignity and privacy and how these are essential to developing a good working relationship with those you are trying to provide services to.  This could include concepts such as:

–          Treating each person as an individual and respecting their views and choices even when they may not meet with your own personal beliefs or choices

–          Ensuring you always communicate with the individual you are providing services to and not bypassing them to liaise with their carer or family member

–          Not assuming that you know what an individual wants or how they wish to be cared for – or that they actually want your support at all – but actually discussing and agreeing what they would like e.g. what clothes they want to wear, how they prefer their appearance, what food or activities they like

–          Not discussing the individual with anyone else, included their carer or family members without the individual’s express permission

–          Being cognisant that things you hear and see, particularly in a person’s home, are private and should not be shared

–          Always treating everyone with dignity and politeness – just like you would like to be treated

–          Recognising that sometimes individuals need personal time and space to themselves.

The course will explore some practical examples and consider the outcomes and issues if dignity and privacy are overlooked.

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