Behavioural Safety

Behavioural Safety


This course defines behavioural safety and explains the origins of the concept. It covers how it can be implemented in the workplace and some of the potential benefits. It includes analysis of some examples of at-risk behaviours’ and some examples of ways you can measure how well your organisation is doing when it comes to safety. Finally, it touches on some of the key laws regarding health and safety in the workplace and how to ensure positive workforce attitudes.

Approved by IIRSM – Duration 45 mins* – €30.00


Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Behavioural Safety 1 Introduction 70
Behavioural Safety 2 Essential Terms and Business Benefits 70
Behavioural Safety 3 How Behavioural Safety Works 70
Behavioural Safety 4 Setting Up a Programme 70
Behavioural Safety 5 Ensuring Positive Workforce Attitudes 70
Behavioural Safety 6 Final Assessment 70

Additional Information

Research in this area has shown that up to 80% of work-related accidents are caused by employees’ behaviour. Behavioural safety is the name given to several types of programmes that aim to improve an organisation’s safety culture by changing the ‘behavioural safety’ of workers.

This Behavioural Safety Course will provide delegates with practical guidance on instigating a sustainable change in workplace behaviour. A behavioural Safety program can provide guidance on how to change potentially unsafe work-place behaviour, reduce job-related injuries, improve productivity levels and enhance overall workplace satisfaction.

Our Behavioural Safety Course is for delegates who are looking to gain a clear and practical understanding of how behaviour change can help organisations achieve a healthy culture at work.

If you require support to carry out a review and update of your organisation’s behavioural safety programme or require further information on our Behavioural Safety Course, please contact a member of our team at Phoenix STS Ltd

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