Fire Safety Risk Assessments

Whether you are a large business, a small business or a one-person operation you must carry out regular Fire Safety Risk Assessments under the Fire Services Act 1981 and 2003 and Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Phoenix STS have qualified and experienced Fire Safety Consultants to help you with your fire safety requirements. Our fire safety consultant will visit your workplace, review your fire safety documentation and organisational arrangements. We will complete a fire safety risk assessment taking into consideration the occupancy type, activities in the building, building layout, equipment and processes, and a number of occupants.

Our Fire Safety Consultants can act as a ‘competent persons’ and work with staff in your organisation to ensure that there is excellent awareness of fire safety, controls and management of fire safety, and active recommendations in place appropriate to the nature of your business.

Steps to Fire Safety Risk Assessments;

  1. The first step of a fire safety risk assessment is to identify all of the fire hazards in your workplace
  2. Identify the people at risk
  3. Review means of escape and disabled egress (escape routes)
  4. Review internal and external fire spread risks
  5. Review smoke control systems
  6. Review the storages and use of flammable, explosive or potentially explosive materials
  7. Review fire detection & alarm systems
  8. Review emergency lighting (escape lighting)
  9. Review firefighting equipment
  10. Review fire safety signs
  11. Review access and facilities for the fire service
  12. Review emergency plans and fire safety register
  13. Review fire safety management system
  14. Review employee fire safety training
  15. Evaluate the hazards and risks
  16. Record our findings
  17. Prepare a fire safety audit report with clear recommendations


On completion of the fire safety audit, you will be presented with a fire safety audit report. This report will highlight non-compliance with building regulations or fire safety legislation. Also, highlight where fire safety training is required to ensure compliance, including a prioritised action plan for implementation in order to ensure compliance with fire safety legislation, guidance and best practice.

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Fire Industry Association of Ireland

About Us

Phoenix STS Ltd t/s Phoenix Safety Training Services provides bespoke first aid, health and safety, fire safety training, and consulting services countrywide to meet our client’s needs. By offering a systematic professional approach through the integration of theoretical and practical tailored programmes, incorporating your training policies and organisational goals, we guarantee compliance and ensure a safer working environment. We also offer a wide range of  RoSPAIATPIFEIIRSM & CPD approved courses; and have a retail business sourcing and supplying specialist evacuation and training equipment.