Fire Safety Certificate Applications

In general, all buildings including apartments require a Fire Safety Certificate, the only exclusions are domestic houses and farm buildings.

The majority of extensions and material alterations to these buildings also require a Fire Safety Certificate, the only exclusions are material alterations to shops and offices. Even if a Fire Safety Certificate is not required the works must comply with the Building Regulations. If you are in doubt you should check with an expert.

There are Four Types of Fire Safety Certificate Applications;

  1. Fire Safety Certificate Application
    • The application is made at Project Design stage
    • Application fee to Local Authority based on €2.90/m2
  2. Revised Fire Safety Certificate Application
    • Where material alternations have been made after Project Design
    • After the original Planning/ Fire Safety Certificate Application has been granted
    • Before works have commenced on site
    • Application fee to Local Authority based on €2.90/m2
  3. 7-Day Notice Certificate Application
    • To allow works commence on site 7-days from submission of application
    • Application fee to Local Authority doubles to €5.80/m2
  4. Regularisation Certificate Application
    • Where work has commenced/completed on-site in advance of an application being made/granted
    • Application fee to Local Authority increased four-fold to €11.60m2
    • All work must be certified.
    • Work must be inspected by the Building Control Authority prior to the granting of the Fire Safety Certificate.
    • The application must be accompanied by a Statutory Declaration Form (signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.


A Fire Safety Certificate is granted based on the design and information submitted. Deviations at construction stage from the documentation submitted might call into question the validity of the Fire Safety Certificate as it applies to the development. It is accepted that changes can occur as a building project proceeds. These changes may be insignificant from a fire safety point of view or they may be such that a new Fire Safety Certificate Application is required. It is recommended that you contact this Department regarding any changes.

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