Fire Safety Audits

A Fire Safety Audit can be undertaken as a result of proactive action by your business.

You can gauge fire safety compliance or reactively when an issue has arisen. Where you would like guidance and support in relation to corrective actions, we need to know the reason for the Fire Safety Audits.

Under the provisions of the Fire Services Act, 1981 and 2003, authorised persons from the Fire Services (local authority) can visit and inspect any building within their functional area. They may ask for any of the following details (this list is not exhaustive);

  • The number of occupants in the building
  • The purpose of any room or area in the building
  • The materials used in the construction building
  • Any official documents relating to the building’s fire safety
  • Examine the water supply on the site
  • Owners of property can be asked by the authorised person of the local authority to provide plans of buildings under their ownership
  • The owner is legally obliged to provide a satisfactory response to the authorised person of local authority
  • If an authorised person is refused entry, obstructed or impeded in his or her duties, it is considered a criminal offence that is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment
  • The local authority also has a role in examining and testing dangerous substances such as petroleum to ensure compliance with the Dangerous Substances Act, 1972 and Dangerous Substances Regulations, 1979
  • The Dangerous Substances Act states that the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government may make an order defining any substance that has the potential to damage person or property as a dangerous substance
  • If you are in possession of such a substance, you must apply to the local authority for a Dangerous Substances licence, those in possession of more than 60 litres of petrol, for example, must apply for a licence to store petrol
  • Applicants have to submit copies of Ordnance Survey maps of the area and architects’ plans of the site and any buildings on the site to their local authority
  • This information is necessary so that the of the local authority can ensure that dangerous substances, most commonly large amounts of petrol at petrol stations and industrial sites, are stored safely and kept at a reasonable distance from other buildings
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