Fire Engineering and Assigned Certifier Services

Some large and complex buildings lend themselves to a fire engineering solution rather than the more traditional code-compliant approach.

This approach is generally accepted by most Local Authorities. Approved Document B 2000 suggests, “Fire safety engineering can provide an alternative approach to fire safety. It may be the only practical way to achieve a satisfactory standard of fire safety in some large and complex buildings, and in buildings containing different uses”.

The Building Control Amendment Regulations came into effect on the 1st of March 2014. As a result, new laws relating to the commencement and certification of construction works come into effect. The new laws include the nomination of a Builder to carry out works in accordance with the Building Regulations, and the nomination of a competent person, an ‘Assigned Certifier’ to inspect works to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations; the submission of additional documentation with the Commencement Notice at commencement stage; and the introduction of a Certificate of Compliance following completion of works.

In addition to the Commencement Notice, a building or site owner must submit the following documents for works;

  • Certificate of Compliance (Design), signed by the Assigned Certifier
  • Notice of Assignment of Person to Inspect and Certify Works (Assigned Certifier), signed by the building owner
  • Undertaking by the Assigned Certifier, signed by the Assigned Certifier
  • Notice of Assignment of Builder, Signed by the Building Owner
  • Undertaking by Builder
  • Plans, Specifications and particulars which demonstrate how the building or works will comply with all Building Regulations.

An Assigned Certifier Must be one of the following;

  • A person registered with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI)
  • A person registered with the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI)
  • A Chartered Engineer of Engineers Ireland (EI)
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Fire Industry Association of Ireland

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