Event Safety Management Plans

An Event Safety Management Plan is prepared for the purpose of assisting with the safe and efficient management of a Festival or Event. The plan assists the promoters in their duty of care for the safety of attendees at the event.

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    Event Safety Management Plans

    Table of Contents

    One of the most important roles in event management is to ensure that people are safe at the event. There must be an event safety management plan well in advance of any large or public-facing events.

    The Event Safety Management Plan includes the following documents/drawings;

    • Details and description of the event proposed
    • Details of organisation/company
    • Details of charity/commercial nature of the event with financial statement etc
    • Names and responsibilities of the event controller, event safety officer and their deputies
    • Draft site emergency plan
    • A draft traffic management plan
    • Draft safety strategy statement
    • A draft environmental monitoring programme
    • Risk Assessment of site/course
    • Draft Set-up & take down
    • Provision for making good of any damage (including flora and fauna)